My Github Deployment stuck at “Provisioning...”

My app deployment is stucked.After I reduced the instance specifications from micro to nano. There the deployment was stuck. Then I deleted the instance and did a new fresh deployment and it also got stuck.

Hey! Just looked into your account and it looks like everything is running now. Do you still have an issue?

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It’s ok now. I tried again later and it worked. I think it’s a re-synchronize issue in my github repository.

Thanks for your response.

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Hey! It’s happened again. Is that normal? :neutral_face:

Hey @xiahunter9, it’s not normal for app deployments to get stuck in provisioning. In some rare cases, they do.

Looking at your account, I noticed some of your services are unhealthy, do you need some help?

If you redeploy your services, they should be up and running without any issues. Let me know how it goes and if you have any other issues.