Cost breakdown dashboard

hi i comed from render, and i really like the pricing.
few questions:
what is bandwith pricing?
when cost breakdown dashboard?

Hi @Darren_Zou, thanks for these questions!

what is bandwith pricing?

We provide free inbound bandwidth data and we do not yet charge for outbound bandwidth. We will provide 100GB of outbound bandwidth per month for free, usage after this allowance will cost $0.04 per GB. We will notify you ahead of time once we begin charging outbound bandwidth.

when cost breakdown dashboard?

By cost breakdown dashboard, do you mean a detailed list about what will be charged? Such as, instances, bandwidth, domains, etc.?

If so, right now we only charge for instances usage at the moment. You can view those on your usage CSV under Usage and billing.

Does this answer your question or is the cost breakdown dashboard something else?

P.S. I am linking our pricing FAQ in case it helps to reference: Pricing Frequently Asked Questions | Koyeb

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