Question about Postgress DB Tier limits pay as you go

I have recently deployed a Postgres DB on a Free Tier, (also have registered, from the start, with the Starter / pay as you go plan, using my credit card). It includes 50 hours of compute time per month, free. Some time after I got this message: ‘You have reached the outbound data transfer limit for the free database instance this month. Select a larger database Instance with unlimited data transfer’.

The issue was that the access to the database was stopped and my production app stopped which was bad for my business, with no prior warning or time to react.

What I don’t understand is, since I am on the Starter pay as you go plan, and inserted my credit card, why wasn’t I just billed directly for the excess compute/traffic I use - i.e pay for what is over 50 hours, and pay for whatever exceeds 1 GB bandwidth. Why is this not the case?


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Hi @Victor_Patriciu ,

I am sorry to read that this affected your business. I understand your proposal. Our offering allows users to leverage free instances and databases without worrying about getting charged. We do not recommend using the free instances or databases in production. It should be leveraged for development or hobby projects.

In your scenario, it did not work and I can only recommend selecting a small database that would not be limited in time or bandwidth.

With that said, we are also adding your proposal as a possible option in the future, so people can accept being charged once they exceed their free time and included bandwidth.