Changelog Update #8 - Improving first deployment experience, new health checks documentation, and Koyeb Offsite

Buenos días a todos! This week’s changelog is kicking off with some Spanish because we were in Barcelona, Spain last week for our bi-annual offsite.

We were grateful to see the whole team and spend a few days together under the sun. We met two of our new teammates in person, ran several brainstorming workshops, and maybe ate one too many tapas.

On top of all that, we released a change that improves the deployment experience and published documentation for custom health checks.

Here is this week’s full changelog update:

  1. Improving the first deployment experience

    Previously, when you deployed an application for the first time on Koyeb, our global balancer returned 502 errors in the following cases:

    • Services were not ready to receive traffic.
    • An error occurred during your service deployment.

    While the 502 error page provided some indication to help you understand the current status and potential failure reasons, this behavior made it hard to clearly understand and track the deployment status.

    We’ve released a first improvement to improve the experience and now display a specific page to indicate that the deployment and network propagation are in progress.

    We plan to improve this new page shortly to provide a more friendly and descriptive page to display during the deployment cycle.

  2. Health checks documentation

    Last week, we announced that health checks are in public preview. This week, we are happy to share the Health Checks documentation with you.

    Health checks enable you to monitor the state of your application and ensure it is functioning correctly. By default, we automatically perform TCP health checks on your services to ensure their availability and reliability.

    Depending on the application you deploy, you may need more control over defining the health status of your service deployments. Our custom health checks allow you to override and define your own health checks.

  3. Koyeb Offsite in Barcelona, Spain

    The team flew from all over Europe to meet in Barcelona last week to partake in several workshops on improving our developer experience, content generation, and remote culture. We generated so many great ideas and are excited to put them into action. In between these workshops, we fired up the grill and enjoyed BBQ-ing. There is surely a wordplay joke to be made about BBQs and message queues, we’ll think about it and get back to you.

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