Changelog #46 - Service Metrics Instances History, a Git commit SHA for all Git-based deployments, and more

Hello, and welcome to this week’s changelog update! Let’s jump into what’s new:

  1. Service Metrics Instances History

    We are now displaying all Instances of the active deployment in Service Metrics. This allows you to keep track of the metrics history for each Instance of the deployment. Previously only active Instances data were displayed.

    Service Metrics Instances history

  2. A Git commit SHA for all git-based deployments

    For each Git-based deployment, we now display the Git commit SHA in the control panel. This allows you to view the current commit used to run your Service. Previously, this information was only available in the trigger message and not reported in case of a redeploy or service update.

  3. Deploy to Koyeb button improvements

    We improved the Deploy to Koyeb button to provide a clear message concerning the required Instance type to run the app. Previously this action could be error-prone as using the wrong Instance type could result in the app failing to run properly, and no message was displayed to help prevent that.

  4. Use MistralAI, FastAPI, and FastUI to Build a Conversational AI Chatbot

    Nuno wrote an excellent guide to build a conversational AI chatbot using MistralAI, FastAPI, and FastUI. If you are looking to build your own, give it a read or deploy it in one click.

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