Buildpack API Error, need help urgently

I got some fail issue on my service…!
The situation is urgent and I would be very grateful if you could help me!

Build ready to start :arrow_forward:
Cloning branch main into /workspace
Cloning into ‘/workspace’…
Previous image with name “Harbor” not found
ERROR: failed to : set API for buildpack ‘heroku/nodejs-function@0.10.0’: buildpack API version ‘0.9’ is incompatible with the lifecycle
exit status 12
Build failed :x:

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Got the same issue. Any solutions?

Not yet… I am so mad and sad… waiting for response of Koyeb… need help


This should now be fixed, sorry to ear that you have been impacted by this.

This is due to an automated update of the buildpacks we are using ( heroku ), the new version of nodejs-function require a CNB API version higher that the one we were previously using (0.9 instead of 0.8). Due to this error, the buildpacks were not able to launch during a few hours.

We have now updated the version we use to the 0.9, this issue should be fixed.
From now, we will make sure to check for non-regression before promoting the buildpacks.

Sorry again,


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