Working with selenium python on Eco tariff (with 0.1 CPU)

hello, i wanted to try free version of koyeb in Eco mode with 0.1 CPU and selenium code which should open N number of tabs:
here is webdriver options (optimized) :
options = webdriver.ChromeOptions()

code which should open it:
for switch_account_button in switch_account_buttons:
service_number = switch_account_button.get_attribute(‘href’).split(‘/’)[-1] # Assuming the service number is part of the URL
driver.execute_script(“[0].href,‘_blank’);”, switch_account_button)"open tab - {service_number}") # Log the action with the service number

SO QUESTION: Does 0.1 CPU will be enough to open about 15 tabs at once ? On local pc and more powerful servers everything work good

Hi @Andrzej,
In cases like this, the best approach is to simply try and see if the app works as expected. We’d love to know how it works for you!