Unable to Create a new service

I have created my first web service via Koyeb 2 months ago. I am now trying to Create a new one, from a Github repo. I go on
Create a new service", then select “GitHub” and then Koyeb asks me to connect to GitHub… but I did this already (and have given access to the repo I want to deploy).
I tried multiple times, with different browsers. But it doesn’t let me go to the next step (stuck at “Import project 2 of 4”)

This is the GitHub settings that show that Koyeb is connected:

Hi @Lidia_Pierre,

Can you try to re-install the Koyeb GitHub app?
You can uninstall the app from GitHub at the bottom of the page you shared under the “danger zone” section.

Hi, that’s what I just tried and it’s working :sweat_smile:

Thank you

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Awesome! Let us know if this problem appears again.