Java Springboot application frozen after network configuration

Hello :wave:

I have an issue trying to deploy for the first time my Java Springboot application with Maven directly from Github repository.
The build phase goes well, my jar is correctly generated in /workspace/target/.
I did override the run command in deployment settings with java -jar target/my-app-*.jar just like Koyeb’s Java Example project suggested. Heroku instance is (apparently) correctly started too.
But the Runtime phase never succeeds after the build. It stays on network propagation during 10+ minutes and then just like times out.

My application port is correctly the same as the one configured for the service (8000).
I used Java 21, I reduced to 20 because Koyeb doc says it’s the maximum but then I saw a post here saying that it is supported. Whatever, I don’t think it is the issue.
There’s Springboot Security and I also use JPA with a Koyeb’s Postgres instance.

Here are the logs in the Run and then it fails without any more informations:
Instance created. Preparing to start...
Instance is starting. Propagating network configuration...
Network configuration propagated
(wait 10+ minutes)
Failed to propagate the network configuration. If the error persists, try to redeploy or contact us.
Instance stopped
Instance created. Preparing to start...

Has anyone an idea or a running Springboot application to tell me how they did it?

Thank you !

Hello there!

I think that you might have been affected by an incident which was ongoing at the time you deployed: New deployments erroring - Incident details - Koyeb - Status.

New deployments in Frankfurt were failing. I believe that your service will now work if you redeploy it.

Sorry for the inconvenience and don’t hesitate to reach out if anything goes wrong!

Hi !
I was so convinced it was me who was doing something bad in the config I didn’t check if there were incidents ongoing :sweat_smile:
So yes, I tried again now and it works, it deployed without any issue. Thank you !

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