Instance is stopping when deploying a new version

When I try to deploy a new version of my service, it builds, and then it tries to start it with the runtime log:

Instance created. Preparing to start...

And then I don’t get any new log for a bit more than 10 minutes, and it ends with a new log with:

Instance is stopping

My application is a nodejs server. I’ve tried to redeploy it (without using the cache), but I end up in the same situation.

I also have the same issue…

It looks like someone mentioned this problem few weeks ago: New instances unable to start (no logs)

So by changing the region, it should fix the issue, but there is definitely a problem on Koyeb’s infra side.

I changed my region to Washington and it works, thanks…

Hi guys,

We investigated on our end. It looks like you both hit the same internal issue, but it is difficult to find the root cause.
Please, if you face the same issue, post here again and we’ll try to investigate further.