How can i set laravel public path in koyeb when i use Github

I have a Laravel app i hosted on Koyeb, I’m able to access everything from the directories which is not security wise.

like examples:

and so on

I want a way to set the application to point on the public/ so that any request comming to the application will load the public/index.php

or if they is a way i can move back into my hosting directory ( before pulling my code from Github and pointing the public part to public.

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We provide an example application to run laravel: GitHub - koyeb/example-laravel: Example to deploy a Laravel application on Koyeb

To deploy your application using the buildpack builder, you simply need to create a Procfile with web: vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2 public/ in it.

I tested to run the example application, and only the public paths are accessible.

Does it solve your issue?