Laravel Questions and query

Here is my “Procfile” file for Laravel and filament

web: vendor/bin/heroku-php-apache2 public/
vite: yarn vite

Now I have this question:

  1. How do I run any PHP artisan command?
  2. How do I define the SQLite database location?
  3. How do I use local storage for file uploads in Laravel? I am failing to run
php artisan storage:link

Hi @Debjit_Biswas,

You can run commands using Koyeb CLI or web console:

We don’t recommend deploying database on Koyeb because the filesystem on our instances is ephemeral. In the near future we will implement managed database service, currently our documentation provides guides explaining how to connect managed database providers:

Can I use space for file uploads? Like image or pdf to be upload?

Yes, you can do that.