Free tier Discord bot fails health check


I was looking into using Koyeb to deploy a discord bot, and it seems to fail the health check. I incorporated a TCP echo server (on so that it should pass the check, and it seems to work when I run it locally, but still seems to fail the koyeb health check.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hello @sporkl,

Your bot should listen on and it will work.
When you are listening on localhost( we cannot connect to it. It’s accesible only from inside of your instance.

That did the trick perfectly, thank you very much!

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How can I make my buildpack builder to spin up the application listening through I have a remix/node app and apparently exposes the instance in localhost.

[remix-serve] http://localhost:8000 (

In my package.json

“start”: “remix-serve ./build/index.js”,

I am able to make external http requests though. I can render the web page. Why is this?

Appreciate your help :slight_smile: means “listen on all available IPs”. If your app prints “[remix-serve] http://localhost:8000 (” It should be ok, it listens on IP

Do you have any issue with your app?