Failed to propagate the network configuration

Region: Frankfurt

Failed to propagate the network configuration. If the error persists, try to redeploy or contact us.

I’m getting the same error. I’ve already deployed my app in other hostings without problems, but here it calls to have network configuration errors, which i dont see where should be configured.

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I’m also facing the same issue I just removed a comment from my code and got this in the log

Instance created. Preparing to start...
Network configuration propagated
Instance is starting. Propagating network configuration...
API by ironman is running on 3000
Instance is stopping
Instance stopped

Having the same issue

Just made another post about this but yes same issue I am having:

Same stuff and same location, issue for sure at their side.

Folks, does any of you still expiriencing this issue?

Not experiencing any further but as said In another post I made I would recommend these actions:

“Hi there, the service seems to have come back. Seemed to be an issue with the Frankfurt region, but I would recommend you guys invest some time into better health checks and error logging for customers. As you can see all we were getting was instance started, instance stopped. If there is a failure at the host this needs to be passed onto us and maybe put in procedures to auto switch to another region as a temp measure to compensate downtime of new deployments.”

Yes, you are right. The messaging was not helpful, we’ll try to improve it. Thank you for your feedback!