Docker Deployment still using old cache?

I deleted my old app,I deployed my new app with a diff name using my latest docker build (new docker name/files+old docker deleted) and still koyeb is delpoying the old cached docker which i already deleted and its a different name too
Been having this issue for the past 12+ hours


Is your Docker image public by any chance?

I don’t understand what could cause the issue and I wonder if the problem doesn’t come from somewhere else. We cache images per organization and per service: since you deployed a new application with a different name, the service inside of it is different and it doesn’t use the same cache as the service from your first application.

In any case, you can try to “redeploy” your service from the console. The redeploy feature completely skip the cache.

No my docker is private.
I could literally just deploy an app with just random characters filled in docker like and it will still deploy the old cache

Hi @undeadmecha0,

The issues you are facing are specific to your account, I sent you a direct message.