Deployment Runtime is stuck

Hi Team,
My deployment is stuck in “Runtime” since long. I checked my previous deployments and couple of them are still showing as “cancelling”. Need help to please fix this.

Thank you !

I tried pausing it and now unable to resume my service. The “Resume” button is disabled.

Hello, do you still face the issue? I checked your account and saw that the “resume” option was available.

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, now looks good and “Resume” option is available now. Also I see the background cancelled jobs are now completed.

Thanks again !

I have triggered the service deployment. The Build part completed successfully, however the “Runtime” section is still running since last couple of minutes and not proceeding ahead. Normally, it doesn’t take this much time…

The last runtime message I see is as below:

Network configuration propagated

I see now the instance going to stopped mode. Is there any issues? I see no application errors…

Hi David,

Any updates please? “Runtime” is still having issues. It keeps on loading and then fails…

Thank you.

Hey guys,

Thanks @David for escalating the issue. I’ve replied here Service deleted. New service deployment, service not starting Network configuration propagated stuck - #3 by nicolas @csharmatech.

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Thank you so much @nicolas for looking into it and fixing it. Really appreciate your quick fix !

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