Deploying an auto filter bot (telegram bot) on Koyeb

I have a deployment error, the bot stops after 5 minutes.
The runtime is python3- 3.8.7.

Hey @rollmodels1122 ,

We’re automatically health-checking your application and will shut it down automatically after 15 minutes if it doesn’t answer on the PORT mentioned in the service configuration.
This is explained in our documentation about troubleshooting deployments and unhealthy instances.

If you’re deploying a Telegram bot, which is often implemented as a worker not listening on any port. The platform considers that the startup of your service failed as the health-check fails and tears down the service.

For your worker to work as-is, you need Native Worker Support.

In the meantime, to deploy a worker, you need to have a dummy web server or process answering health-check requests on the configured port.

Runtime Logs:
Updates were skipped successfully.
======== Running on ========
(Press CTRL+C to quit)

But Bot doesn’t work. I’m new in Koyeb, so write me if i should send more information.

Hi @Den,

I moved your question to this topic. Does Yann’s response above answer your question?

Status of deployment is HEALTHY. I tried to run also with 8443 port for telegram, but it doesn’t help. I can send code of bot, its simple one.

Hi @Den,

It looks like your service is healthy. Is everything working as expected?

no. Bot don’t work, but i don’t know what problem it could be. I can send code here

Or it can be that bot just don’t auto run. If bot print in console some message after running, this message must be in instance loggs ? Because i don’t have such message in loggs

Try on port 8080. It works for me.