Custom domain use to be working but now resolves to 404

I setup a custom domain a couple months ago and I was able to get it working after some trial and error and making sure I had all my CAA records set up:

I went to the domain today and I got the koyeb 404 page.
The service still works fine if i visit the non-custom domain.
On the domain page it says it is pending and “CNAME record configured. Provisioning SSL certificate.”

I guess the CA’s need to renew the subdomain every few months? Very confusingly I checked when it would expire and I got:

notBefore=May 5 08:24:24 2023 GMT
notAfter=Aug 3 08:24:23 2023 GMT

so it seems like my original certificate should still be valid.

What steps should I take to fix my custom domain?

Hi @anime_pics, we just looked into this and your custom domain seems to be working. Are you still facing an issue?

Hey, I just checked today and like you said it seems to be working fine! Super weird.

Glad this issue was resolved! Let us know if you ever have any questions.