No custom domain? What is the issue and when will it be resolved?

Hi everyone

I have hundreds of apps to deploy, and am looking for a solid platform. So Far I found koyed to be excellent.

Now I hear that domains cannpot be created. Can somone elaborate or provide details as this is blocking our operation.

Thank you everyone


Thanks for your feedback!

For custom domains, indeed we are currently experiencing an outage which prevents user to create new ones.
We rely on Cloudflare to manage TLS certificates. As you might be aware of, they are currently experiencing a major outage. This is the reason why adding new domains on Koyeb is not possible for now.

We will reach back here whenever it is resolved

Thank you

I case I need to create 100 instances, and 100 domains, how do I go abut achieving that scale with Koyeb. I saw somewheer you mention that there is a 20 custom domina limit?