Changelog #27 - Workers in GA, zero downtime redeploys, billing widget, API credentials, and improved logs experience

Today, we are thrilled to announce that native workers are in general availability! You can now deploy high-performance workers to process background jobs in seconds. Across 6 locations! :us: :eu: :de: :fr: :singapore: :jp:

This changelog update also brings seamless networking during redeploys, a new widget in the control panel to monitor usage, API credentials scoped to Organizations, and an improved experience when tailing logs. Let’s dive in:

  1. Workers in GA: deploy and scale high-performance background jobs

    We are happy to announce Workers are generally available on the platform! If you have processes that handle asynchronous requests using a queue system, this is for you. Check out the full announcement to learn how to get started deploying workers on Koyeb.

  1. Zero downtime redeploys: seamless networking during redeploys

    We improved the handling of inbound network traffic when a service gets deployed. Each time you redeploy a service on Koyeb, we take care to correctly route incoming traffic to the new version of your service as soon as it becomes healthy. Previously, you could have errors when trying to access your service while a new version was being deployed.

    Curious about what exactly we changed and how we implemented those changes? Check out this mini thread @nicolas shared:

  1. Billing widget to monitor usage in the control panel

    We added a new billing widget in the control panel to help you track your resource usage and costs on the platform.

    It displays your estimated cost for the month. Hover over it to see a breakdown of your total resource usage, your amount of Koyeb free credit, and your total estimated cost for the month.

Billing widget in the control panel

  1. API credentials for Organizations

    You can now generate tokens scoped to an Organization. This is useful when setting up automated tasks and CI jobs. Previously, you were only able to create API tokens linked to your account.

  1. Improved logs experience

    Ever try to scroll up to read logs while “Tail logs” was selected? Then you’ve felt the agony of getting automatically dragged down as soon as new logs were generated.

    We now automatically uncheck “Tail logs” as soon as you scroll up to read logs that are no longer displayed. If you scroll all the way back down, we automatically reselect “Tail logs” for you. How neat is that?

Tail logs experience in the control panel