After the account is deleted, will there still be a credit card charge?

Created a service using the free gift balance, I deleted the account because I couldn’t find a button to stop the service, but found that the service is still running.
I can’t find this service from the console again, even though I signed up for an account with the same name.
When the free balance is used up, will there be additional credit card deduction? If there is still a credit card deduction, I need you to help me stop the service

Hi @lay
After deleting the account, it may take some time before the services are deleted, therefore we recommend making sure that you have no active services running prior to deleting the account.

I have deleted my account. Now I can’t stop the service. Can you stop the service for me?

I can see that your service is already deleted. For future reference, you can delete App by navigating to Settings → Danger Zone.