What is the root user password in NextJS example?

I deployed Koyeb’s official NextJS image. I try to connect to the console and use apt to install some software and dependencies. However, the image does not come with sudo, and I don’t know what the password of the su root user is. How to know and change the root user password?


What do you mean by “official NextJS image”? We only have an example repository at GitHub - koyeb/example-nextjs: Example to deploy a Next.js application on Koyeb, which demonstrates how to deploy NextJS using either a Buildpack or a Dockerfile.

You have three options for deploying your application on the Koyeb platform:

  1. By using your own pre-built Docker image. Docs
  2. By letting us build a Docker image for you, using the Dockerfile available in your repository. Docs
  3. By using a Buildpack, where we automatically detect the language your application is using. Docs

The method you choose will determine how to install dependencies.