Version being built even after failed Github Actions

I added GitHub actions the goal was that if my GitHub actions fail my a new version of my app is not created via koyeb but to my surprise it built a new version even tho my GitHub Action failed…

Hi @Carti,

Right now, we don’t support that feature. Our system updates whenever there’s a new version.

Here’s a workaround: Create a branch named “release.” In your GitHub action, if the action is successful, commit the changes to the “release” branch as the final step. If it fails, don’t commit. Then, set your Koyeb service to track the “release” branch.

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@David pointed me out that there is another option.
In your app under “Build and deployment settings” you can disable “autodeploy” option and use GitHub - koyeb/action-git-deploy to make it part of your GitHub workflow.
There is a README file where it’s described how to use it.

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