Runtime logs stuck at `Waiting for logs...`

Hi folks,

It seems that there are no hints if checkout a Docker image fails. The app looks still runs for minutes until it becomes unhealthy. This is really confusing, especially for new comers like me. Could team please consider add some hints and let it fails earlier?

BTW, if my docker image at
what is the expected values I should filled below? image=username/imagename or
image=imagename ? Give me some advices, please. My app looks running but without any runtime logs…


Hi @Clyde,

Thanks for all your feedback on deploying a Docker image!

When we are not able to pull the image from the container registry, the instance status becomes ERROR and a few minutes later the deployment and service statuses change to UNHEALTHY. We acknowledge that this can be confusing and we are working on making errors more visible, as well as improving the clarity of the runtime logs. We aim to improve runtime logs by the end of the month.

As for your other question, to deploy your Docker image, you’ll want to enter username/imagename for Image field. We will add a clarification about this to our Deploy an app from a Docker image - Koyeb doc and update you when it’s published.

If you are deploying from a private registry, you will need to create and select a registry configuration secret. Looks like you did this with your ghc value.

Thanks again for your input, and please let us know if you have further questions or suggestions for us.

~ Alisdair

Hi Alisdair, thank you for your fast response! It is really helpful. My app is running!
For anyone met same problem, you will need a full image name like registryurl/username/imagename for a private registry.