Nest.js and Prisma error connecting external database

Hello, I’m migrating an application from heroku.
However, when trying to connect to an external database, it generates the error:

PrismaClientInitializationError: Can't reach database server at ``:`1433`

Please make sure your database server is running at ``:`1433`
    at r (/workspace/node_modules/@prisma/client/runtime/library.js:105:2574)
    at async Proxy.onModuleInit (/workspace/dist/prisma/prisma.service.js:19:9)
    at async Promise.all (index 0)
    at async callModuleInitHook (/workspace/node_modules/@nestjs/core/hooks/on-module-init.hook.js:43:5)
    at async NestApplication.callInitHook (/workspace/node_modules/@nestjs/core/nest-application-context.js:224:13)
    at async NestApplication.init (/workspace/node_modules/@nestjs/core/nest-application.js:98:9)
    at async NestApplication.listen (/workspace/node_modules/@nestjs/core/nest-application.js:168:33)
    at async bootstrap (/workspace/dist/main.js:21:5) {
  clientVersion: '4.14.0',
  errorCode: 'P1001'

Hi Jose,

Can you let me know if you have IP restrictions configured to access your database? That could explain why you are not able to connect from Koyeb.


this is true, I just checked this.