Need Assistance with SQLite3 in Server Container


I am currently having an issue with a server container I am operating. More specifically, I require access to the SQLite3 functionalities in order to export the contents of a database located within this container.

My database is located in the /data directory. I am attempting to use the SQLite .dump command to export the database contents, but I am receiving an error message saying sqlite3: not found. I have tried installing SQLite3 using apt-get and yum commands but neither command is found within this container. It’s a trouble to design like this so we’re tring to fix this but at the moment we do need to migrate all those datas.

Following is the command I am using:

/data # sqlite3 one-api.db .dump > database_dump.sql
/bin/sh: sqlite3: not found

I would appreciate any help or guidance you can provide. Since I lack a package manager and the necessary permissions to install SQLite3, I would be interested in hearing any potential workaround solutions or alternative methods to export the database from the container.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best Regards,


Hi @akkk,

We advise against deploying a database to avoid data loss because the app storage is ephemeral. We are working on the managed Postgres database, you can join a private preview.

I can see you deployed a Docker image, so if you insist on using SQLite, you can install it there.