IP address of my applicatoin, needed for whitelisting

Hi, I need to find the IP address of my application that i deployed on koyeb. I need this because it accesses a database and i want to get my application whitelisted for that databse. Can you tell me where i can find it?

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Hi @KingNevs ,

We do not provide static IPs yet but there is a feature request for it:

As a workaround, you can obtain IP ranges in the following way:

For Frankfurt:

dig all-fra1.infra.prod.koyeb.com

For Washington:

dig all-was1.infra.prod.koyeb.com

Please note that this is not ideal because IPs may be added or removed from the pool, therefore you will have to check it periodically.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

When i click it, it gives 404 error. Or am i not supposed to click it?

From a shell, enter the command dig all-fra1.infra.prod.koyeb.com 1 (for Frankfurt) or dig all-was1.infra.prod.koyeb.com (for Washington).

The command dig returns the list of IP addresses you need to whitelist.
On OSX, dig is installed by default. On Ubuntu, you will probably have to install it
apt-get install dnsutils.