Instance is unhealthy


I used to have a Micro Instance running and it was perfect. With the new free-tier update, I was downgraded to a Free Instance and now I can’t deploy anymore, because I get unhealthy errors in console.

Constantly giving me errors like:

Instance terminated in nomad
Instance allocated in nomad
Instance is unhealthy
Instance is healthy

Why is this happening? Is it because of the new Free Instance not being powerful enough to run my app or is it a config change I should do?

Thank you.


I’ve added a credit card and updated to the Starter Plan, so I could test a Nano and Micro Instances and check about the unhealthy errors. My assumption was right, with the Micro Instance the app was back to normal.

Although I was able to fix my app running, I can’t afford a Micro Instance… So I need to go back to the Free plan, but I can’t find where to do that. Also, I can’t update my deployment to a Free Instance, because it keeps throwing errors and activating only the Micro Instance.

So with that said, how can I change my app to go back to the Free plan? Is it possible or should I delete my app to achieve this?

Thank you.

Hi @Pedro_Ivo_Hudson,

The problem you are facing is that your app cannot start on the Free or Nano instance due to its memory requirements. You can either optimize your app to lower its RAM requirements or continue using the Micro instance.

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Thank you for the reply, Sebastian!

I understand the price and plans update, and it’s totally fine with me if this for the best of Koyeb business. Just wanted to highlight that I moved to Koyeb when Heroku decided to remove the free plan option and started charging $5/mo, which for me could be a little pricey, because of currency conversion and whatnot.

But now, with the new plan update and since I need to run on a Micro Instance, the price will be higher than Heroku, at $5.4/mo, which sent me back to Heroku. Unfortunately I’m not an advanced developer on apps to reduce the RAM usage, so for now that’s the viable option for me.

Thank you again for all the support!
All the best.

Hey @Pedro_Ivo_Hudson,

That’s an interesting point.

In fact the Koyeb micro is actually more similar to the Heroku Basic instance ($7/mo) in terms of feature and with scale-to-zero (Scale-to-zero | Voters | Koyeb) you’ll probably pay less than the Eco.

For now, it’s a fair point than the Eco might be cheaper in pure price, we will look into it to provide a more compelling entry-level instance and get back to you.

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Final update on the topic @Pedro_Ivo_Hudson:

  1. we upgraded the free instance to 512MB of RAM and you can also deploy it in Washington
  2. new Koyeb Eco instances are available at half the price, so basically you get way more for $5

This should be better for everyone to be able to get started!