Instance Deletion Delay

I initiated the deletion process approximately 45 minutes ago, but unfortunately, the instance has not been removed yet.

Hey @TwoOnefour, I just took a look at your account and it looks like the App has been deleted. Let me know if are still facing an issue and I can take a closer look.

~ Alisdair

Hello, the problem was solved. But there’s another issue.

I try to add my domain. Unfortunately it failed because the previous container deleted while the domain did not.

The domain is www.t**

Hi @TwoOnefour,

The domains are assigned to apps, not services. I assigned this domain to your app and I can see it’s working. Let me know if I can help with anything else.


Thanks for your help.

Yes I assigned it in app settings at first, but it seems to associate with the previous app that I’ve been deleted. And it can’t be assigned to the new app because it exists

Anyway, the problem is perfectly solved.

I am appreciative of your support.