Install `python-snappy` (fatal error: snappy-c.h: No such file or directory)

Hi there,

when installing python-snappy for snappy support in motor, this results in the following error:

fatal error: snappy-c.h: No such file or directory

According to web-research, this is because the development headers are missing; based on the Linux Distro in use, this missing package is named differently:

DEB-based: sudo apt-get install libsnappy-dev

RPM-based: sudo yum install csnappy-devel

Alpine (Docker) apk add --no-cache snappy-dev g++

openSUSE: sudo zypper in snappy-devel

(How) can this be done with Koyeb?

Hi Marc,

Are you deploying your service using the Buildpack builder?

If that’s the case, can you use a Dockerfile to build and run the service as an alternative?

libsnappy-dev is not available using the Python Buildpack and system dependencies can’t be easily installed using this builder.

Exactly; I’m using the Buildpack.
I also had the idea of switching everything to Dockerfile based deployment to fix this, but it seemed like quite a big impact just for a (quite) common dependency to fulfill … thus, I hoped there is a more “lightweight” alternative, other than switching to Dockerfile as soon as a single dependency isn’t met.