Guidance Needed for Integrating Redis on Koyeb

Hello Koyeb Support Team,

I need assistance with integrating Redis on the Koyeb platform. Specifically, I need guidance on:

  • Deploying Redis using a Docker image.
  • Configuring Redis, including using a custom redis.conf file.
  • Setting up environment variables and secrets if necessary.
  • Accessing the Redis instance post-deployment.
  • Connecting my application to the Redis instance.
  • Monitoring and scaling the Redis service.
  • Could you please provide detailed instructions for these steps?

Thank you for your support.

Hello there!

Your question scope is quite broad so I’ll try to help you get started; I’m available later if you have follow-up questions.

To setup redis on Koyeb, you can probably deploy a Koyeb service using the default docker image ( Make sure to expose it only inside the mesh, port 6379.

Then, to access your Redis server from another koyeb service, you can use the mesh: Redis will be accessible under the domain name <SERVICE_NAME>.<APP_NAME>.koyeb, port 6379 (Service Discovery and Mesh | Koyeb).

Aaaand you can now just click this button to deploy Redis on your Koyeb account: GitHub - koyeb/example-redis: Example to deploy a Redis application on Koyeb

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for the detailed explanation on setting up Redis on Koyeb! I appreciate you outlining both the manual approach using the Docker image and the simplified option with the “Deploy to Koyeb” button.

I’ll try this out and get back to you with an update.