Go 1.22 is not supported by the Koyeb buildpack

Dear Koyeb team,

The versions 1.22.* of Go are not supported by the Koyeb buildpack (I tried with 1.22.0 too):

-----> Installing go1.22.3
 !!    The requested file (go1.22.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz) is unknown to the buildpack!
 !!    The buildpack tracks and validates the SHA256 sums of the files
 !!    it uses. Because the buildpack doesn't know about the file
 !!    it likely won't be able to obtain a copy and validate the SHA.
 !!    To find out more info about this error please visit:
 !!        https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/unknown-go-buildack-files
ERROR: failed to build: exit status 1

Build is successful when downgrading to 1.21.
Is it possible to use another buildpack, or to contribute upgrading the current Koyeb buildpack?

Thanks for your help

Hey did you find a solution for this? Even I’m facing the same issue.

Hi, we have upcoming plans to upgrade buildpack. So the workaround for now is to stick to Go 1.21.

I can’t give you an estimate on when we will deliver this upgrade. Unfortunately, it is not really something that you can contribute to.