Failed Deploying Python Discord bot

I recently signed up on Koyeb and attempted to deploy my Discord bot, which I coded in Python. However, I encountered an error stating “Your service has no active deployment. This generally happens when all your deployments failed.”

I am experiencing difficulties deploying my bot and would appreciate an assistance in deploying it on Koyeb hosting services. The structure of my bot folder is as follows:
config.json (contains bot TOKEN)

All I need to do is install the requirements specified in the “requirements.txt” file and then run the “” file. Unfortunately, I am unsure of the process. I would greatly appreciate your step by step guidance on this matter.

Additionally, could you please advise me on what to input in the Build and Deployment settings?

Thank you very much.

Hi @Sanne_Goedhart,

Thanks for reaching out.

I just tried taking a look, but cannot find the logs for your services. Quick question: are you building the bot from a GitHub repository?

Does your service need a specific build or run command to work? If so, you will need to add it under Builder. I can help you out if this is the case and you’d want some help.

If not, our build system should detect your Python project and automatically build it since you have a requirements.txt.

Happy to continue discussing this to help you get this running.


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Hello Alisdair,

Thank you for your response!, I attempted to deploy the Python project once more, but unfortunately, it failed again. I hope you are able to see the logs this time. I am trying to build the project from my GitHub repository, which currently only contains (, config.json, and requirements.txt) files.
also it doesn’t has any customized build command, I just need it too import the requirements.txt Modules and run the file : ).
I am unsure where I have made a mistake, so any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the delay in my response <3

Hi @Sanne_Goedhart,

Go to your service settings and set custom run command to “python” and it should work. You can read more about this and other options in our docs