Empty secret, how do I create one?

Using the web app, how do I create a secret with an empty value? When I clear the input field when editing a secret, a little popup says “Please fill out this field”.

I want the option for a secret to have an empty (“”) value to store things like Wifi passphrase, which would be empty when connecting to an open wifi network, for example.


Empty value for secret seems to be supported by the API and CLI, so I believe this is a front-end validation rule.

@nils Could you confirm and update the frontend validation rule for the secret value to handle this?

As a workaround I guess you can use the CLI until we fix this.

Thank you for the report!



I confirm it’s a frontend rule, I’ll remove it to allow creating empty secrets from the control panel.

The validation rule was removed, the control panel now allows creating empty secrets.

Thank you.

I logged out/in and tried it. The “Create Secret” button allowed an empty value. But, the “Edit Secret” button will not allow an empty value. I’d like to be able to change the secret value to empty on an existing secret.

Hi Scott,

Empty values are now accepted when editing secrets as well.

Let us know!