Deployment queued for a long time


same here. my deployment is stuck in queue since multiple hours. it started 3 auto deployments via git push today and i had to cancel them because they were > 4h in queue. hope they fix this soon



in for 3h on the latest deployment :sweat: if this is a bug please fix this @Koyeb

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i had the same problem too, i thought something is glitching on my side, but redeploying does not help. did they raised the limit for hobby plan?


Same problem with 10+ hours in the queue, for the second day already

I got the same issue, have been redeployed, but always showing pending in deploying, just doesn’t work at all. :upside_down_face:


When i want to run my code it’s still pending no progress
Please help

Having same issue. my code hasnt ran in two days despite making pushes with github since then :frowning: im new to koyeb please help

Hi team, my deployment is stucked a long time and cannot pick up the build to be ran.
Please help!


Same thing happened to me today

Same problem

Hi everyone,

In case of high deployment concurrency on the platform, deployments on the Hobby plan (Free plan) are throttled to protect production services running on paid plans (Starter, Startup and Enterprise users).

We got a spike of unusual load over the last couple of hours triggering this long queue times for deployments on the Hobby plan.
Deployment queue times are now back to normal for Hobby users, thanks for your patience!

If you want your deployments to be systematically prioritized, don’t hesitate to switch to the Starter or Startup plan.

I’m locking the topic to avoid new reports to land here if there are for a different issue.

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