Denied a new account access

good day i introduced my friend to Koyeb since Jan 1st which he opened an account using the Github button, but unfortunately he was not able to access the account because the account was flagged and he was asked to validate his account which he did, but his account have not been reviewed since Jan 1st and he have not been granted access to use Koyeb.

Hi @Ganiyu_muhammed,

We have an automated fraud prevention system that flags abnormal behaviours to sustain our free tier. In such cases, accounts are manually reviewed and you are required to fill out the form that was sent to you with the accurate information.

If the information is inaccurate, the account gets locked. We cannot provide the information that the account was locked to limit attempts to evade the fraud prevention system.

Hello Koyeb community, i have registered here last week and wanted to deploy a template of flask app, but when i clicked deploy my organization was blocked, i sent form 8 days ago, but there is no response, please help!