Changelog Update #6 - Native workers, create organizations, long-running WebSockets, and latest Node.js 19

Last week we released one of the most demanded features on the platform: Native Worker support.

We’ve also improved our Teams feature, improved support of long-running WebSockets, and added support for the latest Node.js versions including Node.js 19!

So, without further ado, here are the full updates for this week:

  1. Native worker support

    Native worker support has been a long-awaited feature on the platform. Today we are glad to share that we now offer built-in support for deploying and running workers!

    Workers are ideal for long-running processes like background jobs and asynchronous computation. If you have an existing service you’d like to convert into a Worker, you can change its type directly via the Service settings page of the control panel.

    Koyeb Workers are available in public preview via the Koyeb control panel and CLI.

  2. Create new Organizations (or Teams!)

    As a part of the Koyeb multi-user feature to work as a team, we now let you create Organizations.

    Creating Organizations provides a way to isolate your resources and work on them as a team. Most commonly, a Koyeb Organization represents a real-world company or a project to collaborate with your coworkers and friends.

    If you’d like to join the preview, reach out and we’ll set you up!

  3. WebSockets timeout fix

    A few community members reported unexpected timeouts occurring on active WebSocket connections. We released a patch to fix this issue and WebSocket connections can now be active for several hours!

  4. New Node.js versions including Node.js 19

    We’ve updated our Node.js Buildpack to support the latest versions of Node.js, including Node.js 19. We now provide support for the following versions: