App deleting never deletes

Folks –

I’ve scripted app deployment/deletion.

Today (in FRA) the app won’t complete deletion.

“Service has active deployment” (several hours)

And if I use the CLI to deployments list, the error is:

Deployment has active regions. Waiting for them to stop...

I’ve tried deployments cancel and apps delete but it seems wedged.

app ID: 495912e7-7649-4a21-bde0-162f457798f4
deployment ID: "e1cea175-fe8b-4790-a8f1-c03b5a853e1e


Hi Daz,

We had an issue impacting the processing of some events and adding extra delays to performing operations like deletion, pausing, or cancelation.

This is now fixed! Sorry for that.

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Awesome as always

Thank you


My service keeps deleting too.
My app ID is 961610c6-f339-48f2-acbe-3b5d104825fc
Please help