API REST server unhealthy


I’m deploying a Java-Spring API REST that’s the backend of my portfolio, wich is linked to a DataBase on Clever Cloud.

Everything works fine, deploys ok with the tag “server healthy”, runtime logs seem to be ok, but when I click on the server’s URL, it throws me an error 502 “server unhealthy”.
Or when it doesn’t throw that error, I go to postman to simulate a request from the front end, and throws the same 502.

There is no healthy service to serve your request

Your request was successfully received by the Koyeb Edge Network and Core Location but there was no healthy service to process the request. As a result, we cannot display the web page.

And the status code is 524.
I don’t know if it’s maybe a clever cloud slow response or something to do with my deployed server.

I hope someone can throw me some breadcrums to follow…

Hi @Miguel_Frugoni,

It seems like it took a long time, but the Koyeb instance running your service is healthy now. However, there seems to be an issue with your service.

How’s everything going now? Let me know if I can help you get the backend of your portfolio up and running as expected.