I am having trouble with a simple nodejs whose jobs is just to fetch remote content such as this :

The error I am getting :
FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED [](

Is there some security preventing me to fetch the content ? For information, I am on the Free plan for now, until I see everything works normally.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hey @Soramister,

I just tried retrieving the URL by running curl inside my app deployed on Koyeb:

$ curl
H-Town - Special Kinda Foo

It worked fine. We don’t block such connections, so it might be related to how you’re connecting. Some services could block connections based on the User-Agent HTTP header.

Hello @Lukasz_Oles ,

Thanks for your input. After letting me know it worked on curl, I have tried to replace node-fetch for axios, and it works perfectly.
I did not look on the reason why it works but at least I have found a solution.

Thanks for you help

Hello @Soramister,

I’m glad that it’s working now.