Half of my apps went offline

Half of my apps are down from 20 minutes. Your support is offline.

This is not an occasional error but repeats regularly every few days - the application suddenly stops working, and the Koyeb startup page appears: “Your service is almost ready.”

Most incidents do not show on the status.koyeb.com website. That claimed 99.99% uptime seems like a joke.

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Apologies for the trouble you’re having, I see we’re already in touch via our support.

We will investigate the problem you’re facing, we do not have 20 minutes of downtime every few days and this absolutely not the experience you’re supposed to have.

All outages are reported on status.koyeb.com, so I would love to have more details on when you faced downtimes.

Just from now

Hello @relacja

Sorry for the hiccup earlier—I was tweaking the database and accidentally slowed down the API response for a bit which caused timeouts. Your services remained unaffected and are all up and running now.

I had downtime on march 2, support chat confirmed it was an error on Koyebs end. Never showed up on status.koyeb.com.