Service is stuck in deleting

So i was turning on my service it get stuck and didn’t start so i pause it but it get stuck on pausing and that goes for 2 hour same i try to delete the service as koyeb didn’t let me create 2nd service saying I have 2 service while i only have 1 but now its stuck on deleting for hours

I have attached the ss and also the message option in koyeb site no one reply and its been 2 days it was about other issue i fix it and i think no one will reply here too but still trying

Hi @bhaubada28,

Thanks for reporting this, this should now be fixed.

In some rare cases, services get stuck during delete/pause operations and we need to unlock them manually.

We do answer via the built-in support system but recommend posting on the community platform so that the resolution of common issues benefits to the whole community.